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Featuring: Wednesday Addams (18+) & Enid (18+)

Wednesday is bored on her 18th birthday...

Wednesday thought all the excitement about birthdays was silly.

Now a death day, that would fun, but of course she didn't know hers yet.

She sighed.

Thing crawled up next to her with a little party hat on.

He made a gesture, like, could he help?

Wednesday smiled and gave him a naughty look.

He backed away in horror, no, he wagged his finger, he would NOT do that again!

Looks like Thing will need a bit of convincing...

Scene 1: Wednesday convinces Thing to be her personal dildo

Thing is horrified. Wednesday is family.

Plus, what she has him do *shudder* just is so dirty and ruins his cuticles.

But, suspended over a bucket of sulphuric acid, what choice did he have?

Against his own will, he felt a thrill of hot lust course through him seeing her naked again.

Slide the bar across to strip off Wednesday's uniform (if the module isn't visible, refresh the page).

Wednesday helps Thing make the right decision
Wednesday helps Thing make the right decision (nude)

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Scene 2: Wednesday gets an anal fingering

She was so petite, so perfect, so... NO, she's family, this is wrong, he tried to tell himself.

But as he slid his fingers into her tight pink asshole and heard her moan, he felt his phantom cock grow hard.

She began rubbing her clit and gasping...  when there was a knock at the door.

Thing felt disappointed, but Wednesday just walked over completely nude, and threw open the door.

Thing fingers Wednesday in her little pink anus (Uniform)
Thing fingers Wednesday in her little pink anus (shirt)
Thing fingers Wednesday in her little pink anus (nude)

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Scene 3: Tyler piledrives Wednesday's little pussy

Tyler eyes popped in shock to see Wednesday totally naked.

He just stopped by to wish her a happy birthday... but wow, he just got the best present!

Before he could assemble anything coherent to say, Wednesday said, "Are you just going to stand there or are you going fuck my pussy?"

Tyler gulped, and said, "Well, if you put it that way, then..."

But Wednesday grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him into the room.

"Strip off your clothes."

"Ah, ok," Tyler said, a bit dazed, "You want to do any foreplay or anything?"

"Thing already took care of that"

Tyler looked over and saw Thing wave sheepishly at him, his fingers slick with juices.

He stripped off his clothes. "Um, should we... you know, on the chair maybe?"

"No, I prefer the floor. It's cold and hard and hurts a bit. Little spikes would be better, but it will do for now."

"Okay..." he said, as she lay on her back and threw her legs over her head, presenting him her perfect little pussy and ass.

Mentally pinching himself, Tyler lined up his raging hard cock with her already wet pussy lips, and...

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POV Fucking Wednesday's little pussy
You piledrive Wednesday's little pussy
You piledrive Wednesday's little pussy
Fucking Wednesday's pussy (Top and front view)
Fucking Wednesday (Front view with sneakers)
Fucking Wednesday (Front view with bare feet)
Fucking Wednesday (Rear view)

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Scene 4: Wednesday & Enid get their first-time anal fuck

Enid's jaw dropped open.

Ajax and her had rushed back to give Wednesday her bday gift (a venus flytrap).

But on opening the door, there she was... getting piledriven by Tyler on their floor.

Ew so gross!!!

"Hi Enid. Hi Ajax." Wednesday said, as Tyler popped out of her pussy and dived for his pants.

Wednesday sat up. "Want to join us?"

Ten minutes later... (The girls on their backs, side-by-side)

How did she convince her to do this?!?

This was NOT how Enid imagined her first time with Ajax.

She was pretty sure she'd ripped her hymen masturbating before, but she still wondered if it would...


She felt a sudden pressure on her anus, of Ajax's enormous cock pushing it's way in.

"Ajax, what are you..." but her objection ended in a gasp, as his lubed cock popped through her tightened sphincter.


Her eyes widened and she almost passed out from the shock of it.

She'd never felt this filled up before. His cock was massive and he was almost completely inside her.

It was so... so... HOT.

Meanwhile, Wednesday fixed Tyler with an expressionless stare as he fucked her little asshole.

I mean, it hurt, but not as much as she thought it would.

She felt a bit disappointed.

She glanced over and saw Enid's face contorted with a mixture of pain, shock, and obvious pleasure.

That's when the idea came to her...

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Video of their first-time anal...
Fucked in the ass together
Fucked in the ass together (xray)
Anal close-up

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Scene 5: Ready or not, gangbang time!

Wednesday said, "OK that's enough."

Tyler pulled out in surprise, as Wednesday got up and walked out of the room, completely naked.

The three of them waited awkwardly, until they heard some excited whispering coming down the hall.

Wednesday came back into the room with 6 more boys from the dorm following her, excited looks in their eyes.

Enid let out a squeal of alarm and protest, but Wednesday just said, "Trust me, this will make it a lot more interesting."

She looked thoughtful for a moment, then added, "Along with some of my cuffs and gags..."

The boys quickly shucked off their clothes, while Enid whimpered quietly.

The Thing came scampering over holding a red ballgag, and some leather cuffs.

Wednesday dangled the cuffs from her finger and said: "OK boys, let's have some fun."

Enid filled with cocks
Enid filled with cocks (No Extra Cock)
Gagged & Double-stuffed
Gagged & Double-stuffed (Xray)
Gagged & Double-stuffed (Cum Splattered)
Gagged & Double-stuffed (Xray & Cum Splattered)

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Scene 6: Wednesday gets throated (Video Scene)

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Wednesday gets throated
Tyler shoots cum down her throat

Scene 7: Wednesday & Enid get a sticky finish...

Enid gasped as the boys pulled out of her.

She'd never even been with a boy before, much less made airtight.

Were they finally done with her?!

But then the boys circled around them, stoking their cocks.

Enid heard a grunt as another boy cummed hard down Wednesday's throat.

She choked and gagged, but when she recovered, smiled and said, "Well that's more like it."

A huge black boy from down the hall snapped on a collar and chain onto Wednesday, and yanked her over, till she was on her knees next to Enid.

The next few minutes were blur of cocks slapping her face, cumming on her, being thrust into her mouth.

Meanwhile, Thing watched from behind, aroused and imagining himself stroking his own phantom cock.

Then it all stopped.

Enid felt the cum dripping off her face and out of her pussy onto the floor.

Then a warm soft sensation as Wednesday licked the cum off her face and kissed her.

"Glad to see you've loosened up a little, Enid. I told them to come back tomorrow night."


The bukkake begins...
The girls dripping with cum...

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