Amy Santiago gets stripped, cuffed, spanked,
gangbanged, and left dripping with cum

SCENE 139, 140, & 141

Amy loses a bet and gets all her holes filled

Amy was sure she was going to win this time.

She'd be making more arrests than Jake for over a year now.

How could she possibly lose?!

So when Jake upped the stakes from a kiss to "go wild", whatever that meant, she was like, whatever, you're on.


The final tally came to Amy: 83 and Jake: 96.

She met him that night at the station, ready for him to take her in the ass.

She assumed that's what he meant.

Boy was she ever wrong.

Holy shit that's a huge cock!

First both Jeffords & Boyle show up too.

Amy looked at Jake and said, what? This was SO not part of the bet.

He said, "I said 'Go wild', and you gotta do it, Amy. Sorry!"

Then Terry dropped his pants, and OMG his cock was massive.

"NO WAY that's going in my pussy, Jake!" Amy said.

"Oh, no worries, he's not going in your pussy."

Amy almost relaxed a bit, but then Terry produced the cuffs.

"Wait what do you need the cuffs for, guys?!"

They all just smiled...

Slide the bar down to strip off Amy's police uniform! (If you don't see the slider module, refresh the page)

OMG it's so big!
OMG it's so big! (Topless)
OMG it's so big!!! (Nude)

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Amy gets cuffed, spanked, and made airtight

After they'd cuffed her, Terry bent her over his knee.

She had to say: "I'm a naughty girl and need a spanking."


"I'm a naughty girl and need you to spank me, Daddy."


Then she got down on all fours.

Jake said: "OK, Terry, remember, not in her pussy."

Amy suddenly realized what he meant.

"Terry, no, it's too big!" But then she gasped, as her tight little asshole was stretched open, then impossibly wide, as his cock slid deep into her bowels.

She was about to scream, but Jake thrust his cock into her mouth and down her throat, making her gag.

Then she felt Boyle's surprising big cock slide into her pussy.

OMG - she'd never been stuffed with so many cocks. It should be awful, but weirdly it was really hot.

She felt herself getting turned on, even as she gasped for breath.

Getting fucked in all my holes she thought, and she came hard.

"Guys, can we talk about this?!?"
Amy is airtight
Amy is airtight (Xray)
Amy is airtight (Xray & Mascara run)

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Amy is filled with cum - let's take a photo!

Dripping with cum from all her holes, and her face glazed with jizz, Amy held up a sign Jake gave her.

"Boyle - take a photo!" Jake said.

"Don't worry, Amy, I won't share it. It's just, ah, some encouragement, if we want to do this again."

Amy felt utterly used and half-broken, and she just came harder than she ever had before.

She didn't need encouragement.

She was a naughty girl.

She needed to be punished again, and soon...

Amy dripping with cum

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