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A Venomous Web

Featuring: Anya (Isabella M.) & Julia (Sydney S.)

A Venomous Web

Anya gripped the building's ledge, her knuckles white.

The New York City skyline shimmered below, a vibrant expanse of light and shadow.

Julia, however, lounged beside her with the casual ease of a veteran.

"Just think," she purred, "We'll have Spidey begging for autographs by the end of the week."

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Newfound powers...
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Anya swallowed a lump of anxiety. "I don't know, Julia. Maybe we need more practice. We're not ready yet."

Julia snorted, rolling her eyes. "Oh please, 'not ready'? We've got this. You worry too much." She pulled a compact scanner from her bag. "Besides, the best heroes learn on the job."

Anya was going to disagree, but at that exact moment, the scanner crackled to life.

A robbery downtown, escalating fast.

A cloud of black smoke rose a few blocks distant, tinged orange by flames.

"See? This is perfect!" Julia said, her voice laced with triumph. "Wait until you see..." She paused, a wicked grin spreading across her face. "What's the worst that could happen?"

Anya opened her mouth to protest that they didn't have their costumes, but Julia was already swinging through the air, a web-line shimmering behind her. With a sigh, Anya followed. It wasn't as if she had a choice now.

Swinging through the city

The scene at the burning building was a mess.

Four police cars lay overturned, their sirens a dying wail.

A lone officer, face pale with terror, stumbled back as a grotesque, hulking figure loomed over him.

Venom, his glistening black form oozing with an oily sheen, let out a low growl as he lunged. The officer vanished in a spray of crimson.

The remaining officers, weapons drawn, held their ground but fear was etched on their faces.

With a defiant shout, Julia landed beside the officers, webs spitting from her fingertips.

Anya materialized a moment later, looking very unsure of herself.

Venom turned, his milky white eyes focusing on them.

He chuckled, a deep, unsettling sound. "New toys?" His voice dripped with amusement.

Julia sprayed him with webs, tangling his limbs, then pulled, to knock him off balance.

Then she crept closer, urging Anya to follow.

He played along, letting their webs bind him. But they couldn't see his smirk.

When they were close enough, he tore free with a burst of strength, the thin strands snapping like cobwebs.

Julia paled, her initial confidence shaken. But before they could react, Venom's massive hand clamped around each of them.

They were ragdolls in his grip.

He hoisted them onto his shoulders and then used his tongue to tear away their panties.

A chilling grin split his maw. "Let's see how well you fare in the dark."

And with that, he vanished into the labyrinthine alleyways behind the burning building.

The screams of the girls pierced the night as Venom carried them deeper into the inky maze, laughing to himself as he probed their tight little asses with his snaking tongue.

Anal probing...

Then he ducked into a doorway and raced up a darkened stairway, before bursting onto a rooftop overlooking the city.

Within a few moments, Anya was bound by her wrists.

Venom held Julia fast against himself, opening her shirt and groping her soft breasts with his tongue.

Julia looked over at Anya to sob out an apology, but Anya was staring into space, seeing visions of the terrible fate that would soon befall them.

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