"Daddy's Surprise Visit"

An Erotic Tale of Forbidden Desire

Featuring: Cassie Lang, Kate Bishop, & Antman

An Original Marvel Story by Nick S.

"Daddy's Surprise Visit"

I know I know. I’m Antman. I’m an Avenger. I’m supposed to be a paragon of virtue, selflessly fighting for the world and for my family.

But you know what? I’m also a guy. A pretty normal guy. A guy with desires just like every other guy.

And what they don’t tell you about being a superhero with superpowers is that with great power comes great temptation - at least for me, of the naughty kind.

It took me all of maybe 10 minutes after I first shrank to realize, wow, I could use this power in some pretty naughty ways.

That first year, I secretly followed Black Widow into her suite and watched her shower naked. That was amazing.

I left a little cum squirt on her panties. I still wonder if she ever even noticed.

And then later that year I hid in flower pot while watching Spidey fuck MJ in the ass - that was REALLY amazing. That plant got some extra protein that day.

But my favorite memory, even though I know it was pretty messed up, was on Cassie’s 18th birthday.

She wanted to have a slumber party with all her girlfriends over.

I pretended to push back on the idea, but in reality I was already spanking the monkey in my mind.

What a night that was - I watched them all strip naked in the bathroom and shower off after their pool party.

I did feel a tad guilty that Cassie was among the girls as I was jacking off. I’d never really thought of her… like that, but seeing her step out of the shower soaking wet, with those pert little tits and a totally shaved pussy…

I busted my nut right then, leaving my dripping cum on Cassie’s electric toothbrush that I had been hiding behind.

I’ve never looked at her quite the same way again.

But I try my best not to let my thoughts stray in that direction.

If she ever knew, it would be so awkward!


Anyway, fast forward to present day.

It’s Cassie’s first time attending the Young Avengers Training Camp, a month-long intensive bootcamp for up and coming superheroes.

I was a tad worried for her, so I decided to tag along just to make sure she’s ok and doesn’t get herself into trouble.

I mean, I’m still her Dad.

Of course, she doesn’t exactly know I’m tagging along. I’ve been shrunk and have been careful to stay hidden.

But wow was I happy to see who her cabinmate was - Kate Bishop!

Hawkeye told me she was a cutie, but he totally undersold her. (Makes me wonder, do you think he fucked her? He never told me, but I wouldn’t put it past the little devil.)

Kate’s gorgeous, has amazing tits, and is charming in a sort of nerdy way, sort of like me.

Things took a pretty interesting turn that first night.

They both went into the bathroom together after a long day training (and yes, I had the best seat in the house, watching them from behind a soap dish).

I’d whipped out little Johnny and was jacking him, as Kate zipped open her signature purple catsuit, popping out those banging titties.

She then shimmied down the catsuit, giving me a perfect view of her hairless pussy, a little innie just begging to get stretched open by a fat cock (preferably mine!) ; p

I dunno what it is about girls and shaving their pussies these days, but I’m all for it.

Then Cassie came in wearing just a towel, which she promptly dropped on the floor.

I got another eyeful of those pert boobs and then she bent over, ass towards me, and I almost shot my load off right then.

Her small round ass just asked to be spanked hard, with her smooth pussy lips peeking out from between her legs.

For a moment, I even saw her pink little asshole - hopefully still a virgin ass? But with kids these days who even knows?

I took a couple of deep breaths, not wanting to cum quite yet.

The girls then moved to the bath and to my happy surprise, decided to bathe together.

What is with this generation? I’m not complaining though!

It was quite a sight I took in, flying to the top of the shower rod, looking down on them as they soaped each other up and laughed about funny moments from the day.

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There was one moment though, where Cassie slipped and Kate caught her, and their faces were very close together. I thought they might even kiss.

But they didn’t. They just laughed.

I decided things might get more interesting, so didn’t let myself cum yet.


Fast forward 20 minutes.

Cassie and Kate flop down on their bed, still completely naked, asses up. What a view!

Kate grabs a bowl of popcorn and starts tossing kernels up in the air and catching them in her mouth.

I grabbed a stray kernel and was munching on bits of it too.

That’s when the topic suddenly turned to me.

“So what’s it like having such a hot Avenger dad?” Kate said.

“What?!” Cassie replied, “Ew, not hot, thank you very much.” She scrunched up her nose. ”I mean generally he’s a good dad. He was gone a lot when I was a kid, but he’s trying to make up for it now.”

I felt a tad guilty hearing this, how she thinks I’m a good Dad, but here I am secretly jacking off to her and her cabinmate.

Kate smirked. “Well I’d totally fuck him. He is such a dork and it’s adorable.”

I promptly choked on my popcorn piece.

Did Kate Bishop just say she’d totally fuck me?!

“OK, let’s stop right there. Ew!” Cassie gave a shudder.

“Oh come now, all girls dream about fucking their dads, esp if they’re good, loving dads. It’s OK, you can admit it. You’d let him pork you.”

Cassie’s mouth dropped open in shock, “Pork me?! Oh my god oh my god oh my god, erasing it from my brain, aaaaahhhh I can’t hear you,” she said, as she plugged her ears.

Kate just smiled and hopped onto her bed, taking Cassie’s fingers from her ears.

“You’re not fooling me, Cassie. Hey, look, I let Hawkeye fuck me in my ass. It was amazing. And he’s easily as old as my dad.”

“You fucked Hawkeye?!” Cassie said, looking taken aback.

“Yup, a full fudgsicle, so fucking hot. By the way, can your Dad use those Pym thingamajigs on his schlong? Like can he make his cock massive?”


“I bet he can. What if… what if he was here, right now, secretly watching us.” Kate said, starting to trail her fingers up and down Cassie's naked chest.

I paled at hearing this - does she know?! My heart started thumping in my chest.

Kate cupped one of Cassie’s breasts and brushed her nipples. I saw Cassie’s eyes flutter shut and she uttered a small gasp of pleasure.

“What if he’s stroking that fat cock of his right now, watching us, wishing he could fill our wet little cunts with his dick.” As Kate said this, her hand slid down Cassie’s belly and teased her clit.

Cassie began to protest weakly, but Kate slipped a finger right into her pussy.

“Oh shit, girl, you’re all wet! Told you you had the hots for your Dad!” Kate laughed, but kept sliding her fingers in and out of Cassie’s pussy while brushing her clit.

Cassie was breathing faster by this point, biting her lip. She spread her legs and gave me a glorious view inside her pink cunt.

My dick now was full to bursting. I couldn’t not believe all I was hearing, and even more so that Cassie seemed at least open to the idea of me porking her.

A crazy thought occurred to me - what if I grew back to regular size right now?

I mean, Kate’s obviously down. And Cassie might be too?

A million objections to this began to flood my brain when Kate stopped them all:

She slipped her fingers out of my daughter’s pussy and spread it open, and said, “Say it - I want my Dad’s fat cock inside me.”

Cassie was panting, her pussy obviously aroused and wet and yearning to be filled. “I… I want my Dad’s fat cock… inside my pussy…  right now…”

Welp. That did it.

Every rational, logical, or remotely sane part of me fled, and a split second later I was full-size, my cock lined up with my daughter's warm little cunt.

With a groan, I slid my cock inside of her, all the way, right up to balls.

The next few moments were kind of a blur.

I know there was a scream, I felt something akin to an iron bar yank me back by the neck, and I saw the ground, very up close.

Oh, and my arm was twisted behind me, and my shoulder screamed in pain. Or I guess maybe that was me screaming in pain.

“What the fuck - Dad?!?! What are you even doing here? I can’t believe you just…” Cassie couldn’t even finish. She was in total shock.

I looked up at her from my vantage point of being pinned to the ground, “I thought… you said… you wanted…”

“WHAT?! That was just roleplaying Dad, not real life. Holy shit you are such a freak!” Cassie blurted out.

The pressure released somewhat on my arm, and I slowly raised myself back up.

Kate looked at me with some bewilderment, but it soon melted into a kind of amusement.

“Wow. You are such a perv.”

I blushed a deep red.

“You were totally spying on us. Did you watch us bathe? Of course you did. Why am I even asking? Oh my god, Cassie, your Dad is such a little perv!”

I awkwardly got to my feet, trying to think of any possible redeeming thing I could say, and could think of nothing.

That’s when Kate saw my cock.

“But holy shit, look at that - Cassie, you bitch, you never told me he has a cock like a fucking horse, look at that beauty!”

She took my cock in her hand, got down on her knees, and flipped her hair back. She shot a quick look at Cassie, “Shall we take a taste?” and her tongue licked my head as her lips slipped over my shaft.

I closed my eyes and groaned. For a minute, there was total silence in the cabin, other than the wet sounds of Kate sucking my cock, making the occasional comment on how glorious it was, and my own gasps of pleasure.

I opened my eyes and looked down, and saw Kate holding my cock, smiling up at me, with a stream of my precum dribbling between her lips.

“Um, Dad?” I heard Cassie say.

With Kate sucking me off, I’d totally forgotten about Cassie.

I gave her a guilty look.

But she said, “Sorry, Daddy… you just surprised me, that’s all… I’m glad you’re here though.”

I looked back at her and swallowed hard.

No words could have made me happier to hear than those. My eyes teared up a little.

“Can we… try again?” she said, with that adorable hopeful smile she always gave me when asking me for something she wanted.

Kate popped off my cock, gave a playful sad pout, but slapped my butt, sending me over to Cassie.

“Thank you for forgiving me, Cassie. I love you.”

“I love you too, Dad” Cassie said.

That’s when Kate whispered in my ear, “Now fuck her. Fuck your little girl good.”

I lined up my throbbing erection with Cassie’s open pussy, and tenderly slid inside.

The warmth of her enveloped me and I began to rock my hips back and forth, sliding in deeper each time.

Cassie gasped, overcome with the pleasure and the emotion of connecting with her own dad in such an intimate way.

“Oh, yes Daddy.,” she said, her voice ragged from desire, “Deeper, Daddy, fuck me…”

I started to fuck her harder, but Kate, not to be ignored, lay on her back next to her, opening her legs in silent invitation.

I slipped out of my daughter and into Kate, and began to fuck each in turn, making them almost crazy to have my cock back inside them again.

Then Kate pushed me down on the bed and gave me a glorious view as she rode my cock and rubbed her clit.

I was so aroused my precum was flowing freely, dripping out her pussy down my shaft.

Suddenly she stopped and screwed up her face, “Oh God, I’m going to cum - AHHH!” and her whole body rocked with the orgasm.

After Kate rolled off me, I was quickly back inside Cassie, thrusting as deeply as I could and holding my cock there balls deep within her.

She moaned and grabbed me tightly to her, before I slowly slid out a bit, then went deep once more.

Soon she couldn’t hold back anymore. Closing her eyes, she came hard, shouting, “Oh god, Daddy, yes… I’m cumming!”

That was it for me - the sight of my beautiful daughter, naked beneath me, my cock deep inside of her - I came like I’d never cum before in my life.

It was a moment of pure and unbridled ecstasy… and then, like the total dork I am, I passed out.

I guess it was a little more than I could take.

Can you blame me?!

So yeah, I might be Antman. I might be an Avenger.

But I’m a dork in the end after all.

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